Our services

Inclusive services

To benefit our services,you ought to be a member.

We have existing specific dispositions for women with low income: adhesion and acquisition of a share gives equal rights to all services offered by the bank.

Financial Services

Financial services represent the core of our activities.


We believe in community-based saving model, where savings can be invested in community projects or distributed as loans to finance members’ activities and create wealth.


Loans are the main production machines :we have individual and group loans. The minimum amount is 20 000FCFA and the maximum depends on the availability and loan portfolio conditions.

MUFFA been faithful to their philosophy of non exclusion,MUFFA has put in place a special program for women with very low income, who are unable to satisfy the conditions of members :we have programs of solidarity loans(EPSI) which consist of granting micro loans from 20 000FCFA to 100 000FCFA.

Secondary activities

Our partnership with a private bank offers us the necessary infrastructure to provide complementary financial services:

These game of products keeps on growing with time as customers needs increases in function of our financial means.

Non financial services

Collaboration with Positive Planet

Since 2013, MUFFA has benefited from the institutional support of positive planet in the promotion project and the development of female entrepreneurship in Cameroun; in the objective of re-enforcing financial autonomy of certain entrepreneurs who have benefited in the project through a stable increase in revenue coming from their economic activity.

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  • Concours de la MUFFA pour la gestion des problèmes quotidiens (familiaux, juridiques, scolarisation des enfants, centrale des achats pour l’écoulement des produits des mutualistes).