MUFFA Cameroun

The Family Welfare through Women

A Microfinance Institution

MUFFA Cameroon is an economic and social empowerment institution set up and managed by women and for women. Since our inception in 1998, we have been supporting female entrepreneurship and helped hundreds of Cameroonian women improve their living conditions.

We are a democratic organization: One woman, one vote.

Building Our Members’ Capacities

We encourage Cameroonian women to become autonomous by providing services that go beyond Microfinance. With the help of our partners in development, we are also able to train our members in order to help them build and grow their economic activities.

Empowering women is the answer to ending poverty in developing countries.Ségolène Royal

Encourage Female Entrepreneurs

Our microfinance services have been giving our members access to essential capital to help them start, grow or sustain their revenue generating activities. We are proud to inspire women to become independent no matter their social status, age or ethnic origin.

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