MUFFA Cameroon in brief

African Women Saving and Credit Cooperative (MUFFA CAMEROUN) is a microfinance institution of the first category (that deals only with women). Intent to offer financial services to women with low income and to women of the informal sector and urban areas. MUFFA is the work of a group of intelligent women, joint in a club of investment called WINC (Women Investment Club). Where the women put their intelligence and their money in the promotion of women.
Build up in the model of MC2 (Mutuelle Communautaire de Croissance). MUFFA is benefiting of the sponsorship of a commercial bank (Afriland First Bank) and the technical support of an NGO called ADAF (Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation).

MUFFA is an independent, democratic and participative organization. The fund mobilized to create MUFFA came totally from the members, which assures independence of the cooperative towards third parties. It functions according to the principles of cooperatives.

Our Raison d’Etre

Our vision

Accompany women to contributes to the social and economic well being of their family, community and the country as a whole.

Our values


Our mission

  • Fighting against poverty by improving on the living conditions of families through women
  • Combating women unemployment
  • Promoting women’s activities
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs

The MC2 approach

MC2 (Mutuelle Communautaire de Croissance) are micro banks in rural area , created and managed by members of the community implanted, in respect of their cultural and religious’ traditions. They are the fruits of research actions initiated by the promoters of the first commercial bank in Cameroon (Afriland First Bank), Doctor Paul K FOKAM. Their names refers to the Einsteins formula which signified the principle: Victory on Poverty (VP) is possible if the means (M) and the competence (C) of the community (C) are put together.

VP = M x C x C = MC2

The model has been expatriated and duplicated in many countries of the Central and Western Africa. MUFFA is the female and urban version.

The process of creating a MUFFA or MC2

The creation of MUFFA or MC2 results from the process of development in 05 chronological phases:

Phase 1: Awareness. Connect with elites and rural population who have expressed the desire to create their MC2 in their village. The primary objective is to inform the target population:

  • on the role of saving on their own,
  • on the necessity to rely on themselves before any expecting any external support
  • on the pride to remain accountable for their future

Phase 2: Mobilization of resources (saving) needed for investment

Phase 3: Financing individual income-generating activities

Phase 4: Financing economic projects that benefit the community

Phase5: Realization of social projects thanks to the resources generated in phase 3 and 4

Our partners

Main partners

We benefit from the sponsorship of the commercial bank Afriland First Bank and the technical support of the NGO ADAF (Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation) in the context of the MC2 model. Since 2013, we have been working with Positive Planet thanks to the financial support of Orange Foundation. Finally, we are members of MAIN (Microfinance African Institution Network).

Other partners

Logo Gatsby Foundation
Logo Ministère de l'Agriculture et du Développement Rural du Cameroun
Logo Association nationale des établissement des microfinance du Cameroun ANEMCAM

Global approach of the MC2 model/MUFFA

How AMC2 MUFFA works