International Women’s day (I.W.D) 2019

Once again, the 08 March 2019 was a festive day at MUFFA Nkomkana. The Biyem-Assi chapter had decided to join the parent agency to make the party a grand one.

As with every year, the American students of the SIT Abroad Institute, who came to Cameroon as part of the university exchange, were part of the celebration.

After a stop of nearly 2 hours at the managing director’s office to learn about the structure, the activities of the mutualists and the socio-cultural context of the institution, these students joined the members in the Nkomkana agency where a  « well-stocked buffet » was waiting for them.

Buffet offert aux mutualistes / Free buffet for all the members

After the feasting and  drinking offered by the structure, the party continued with the dance on tunes in « vogue » .

The party was beautiful and we keenly await the next Women’s Day for more enjoyment.

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