Saleswoman of lollipops yesterday, promoter of a health center today

Tell us about your amazing Course

It all started in 2000 when I heard through my church, talking about a structure that helps women who manage. With three sisters in Christ, we got the news and join in April because we were seduced by the services offered. As of May, I obtained my first loan of 50,000 CFA francs through a solidarity group, to strengthen my activity of manufacture and sale of yaourt (kossam).

After some loans of this type, I began to fly on my own in 2001.With a loan of 200 000 CFA francs which allowed me to constitute the file of the contest of the technicians of medical analysis, organized by the Hygiene Mobile de Yaoundé and pay my tuition. The repayment of this credit had been difficult because I was working part-time. After two years of training and my diploma in my pocket, I undertook a practical training course in a health center under the supervision of a doctor who had also trained me in nursing.

I applied for another credit of 400,000 Fcfa (the 5th) to buy the basic laboratory equipment in order to work with the laboratory of this center until 2008. My 6th credit, which was 1,000,000 Fcfa, Allowed me to settle on my own account. I opened the Saint Shalom Health Center (in the Eyené lowlands near Ekounou, near the UCAC), which now employs six nurses (two of whom have already joined MUFFA), a laboratory technician And two trainees. My last credit of 2,000,000 CFA francs, which ended in November, was used to expand my Center, which enjoys an excellent reputation in the neighborhood with a hundred children born.

What have these MUFFA supports changed in your family?

The first change is my social ascension: I am respected in the neighborhood and called “Docta”. I sent three children to the ENS (despite the death of one of them); I built two studios and am in construction, at the level of the slab. I raised the financial balance of our household: that “Daddy” Evina is there or not, the problem of money no longer arises. My contribution to tithing in my parish is more important. In 2010, I joined the Public Service and worked at the Odza Integrated Health Center.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge is the modernization of my Center, especially the laboratory that needs the most modern equipment to be able to follow the evolution of medicine. I am already counting on a credit of CFAF 3 000 000 to strengthen my stock of medicines and increase my capacity in hospital beds and delivery beds.

One last word

My journey must edify women who are still hesitating, because MUFFA revolutionizes the life of its serious members. She gave me wings to fly very high. The grace of God and my faithfulness are for many in my chase. It remains  me to follow the training of Positive Planet to improve the management of my center in anticipation of early retirement.

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