MUFFA Cameroun was a blessing

Jacqueline YIMDJO, a young retiree and mother of 2 children, is leading a very active retreat thanks to her small MUFFA-funded body and home care products manufacturing company. A dynamic woman, she is one of those who have always wanted to fly with their own wings. As an operator at the Imprimerie Nationale, nothing predestined her to become a manufacturer of body care products and home maintenance. Singular and ambitious, the entrepreneurial spirit occurs to her even though her state of health had condemned her to the house.

In 1999, a serious illness had nailed me at home for 6 months. During this time, boredom led me to think about how to kill time without tiring too much. The memory of the transformation of cassava into starch by my neighbors in Douala during my youth returns to me.

Remembers Jacqueline who will try the experiment with cassava of 200 FCFA for her personal needs. Then of needlework she will not only produce for her, but also to sell to her entourage. The success of its product is such that traders ask for it. But only, Jacqueline does not have the means to develop her activity and satisfy the demand. As a miracle, a simple information will help her to solve her problem of financing.

But beyond the credits, Jacqueline is more attracted by the non-financial services offered by  MUFFA

I heard about a structure in Nkomkana that helps women who are doing it. This is how I discover MUFFA and I joined in 2001. MUFFA  gave me a first loan of 300,000 FCFA, this was the beginning of my happiness and my ascent. Then MUFFA is a blessing for me. I am a living example of what MUFFA is helping women to change their life. I am now in the 9th credit of 2 000 000 FCFA.

I have attended many free training courses in my field and filled my management weakness thanks to  MUFFA in the programs in partnership with Positive planet. These constant support from MUFFA has enabled me to improve my starch manufacturing technique, to diversify my products in the maintenance of the body and the house, to participate without paying anything at numerous fairs that have taken me out of the shadows and given a certain notoriety. I opened my shop while continuing with home deliveries.

Thanks to the MUFFA I was rather impatient to retire of which am very active.

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