Testimonial of a mutualist on the training of positive planet


I am a mutualist at the MUFFA-CAMEROON unit of BAFOUSSAM since MAY 06, 2013; I am a wine and liqueur trader at the roundabout BIAO in front of the market A of Bafoussam. I attended the training from 02 to 03 July 2015 organized by MUFFA in partnership with POSITIVE PLANET.

This training allowed me to acquire management knowledge. So I was able to set up a simplified accounting system in my shop.

After training and advice, I realized that I was not making an inventory, and that if the mismanagement of the managers ran out of me, it was Due to this lack of stock tracking.

Following the training, on the weekend that followed, I undertook to make all my inventories and to keep my stock cards meticulously. The workbook is now filled in automatically.

I really thank MUFFA and POSITIVE PLANET for these good initiatives. We can only hope that this can continue for other women, because all active women need it.

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